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If you found Marquis Wine Cellars while searching for wine delivery in BC, good for you. Here you will find a beautiful selection of whites, reds and bubbly Champagnes as well as wine glasses, cork pullers, and other oenophile accessories.

If you're like most new wine drinkers, you may know that white wine goes with fish and fowl, and red wines go with beef. The art of matching up wine and food is called 'pairing,' and it's a skill you'd do well to learn. We hope you'll always call on us for wine delivery in BC, so we're pleased to present a few handy hints about how to pair wine with foods.

First things first

The flavors of wine derive from sugar, fruit, tannin, alcohol and acid. Food flavors typically include fat, salt, sugar, acidity and bitterness. When these components are taken into careful consideration, wine pairing is easy. Pair complementary components or aim to provide contrast. Start with a great wine delivery in BC, and your pairings are sure to succeed.

Red wine basics

Cabernet Franc offers pure notes of blueberry, black olive and coffee flavors, explains Wine Enthusiast magazine. By itself, cab franc stands as an earthy sibling to Napa's renowned Cabernet Sauvignon. Black-purple and jammy, cab sav ripens late in the season and can be more than a bit weedy. California cab sav can give the greatest Bordeaux a run for their money.

Basics of white wine

Chardonnay offers fruity flavors that may include papaya, pineapple, citrus and green apple. Chardonnay aged in new oak barrels provides whiffs of butter, toast and vanilla. Young chardonnay may be reminiscent of green apples in springtime or bright Florida citrus. Common in the Loire Valley of France, Chenin Blanc grapes produce sparkling, slightly dry dessert wines. Apples, pears and floral aromas are typical of acidity-assertive Chenin blanc wines.

Consider texture

Think light vs. heavy. Light foods pair with lighter wines, heavy wines go best with heavy, substantial foods. Of course, you are welcomed to mix things up and pair light wine with meat or red wine with dessert. It's really up to you to to decide what you like best with what.

A few pairing ideas courtesy of Wine magazine:

  • Bandol Rosé and tomato salad
  • Tavel Rosé with tuna on a baguette
  • Côtes de Provence Rosé and vegetable soup
  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with avocado and spinach crepes
  • Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and Mussels Provencal
  • Australian Chardonnay and chicken satay
  • Greco di Tufo with spaghetti and mussels
  • California Sauvignon Blanc with wild mushroom soup
  • Pinot noir with pork chops
  • Cabernet Franc with wild rice salad and mushrooms
  • Red burgundy with duck breast and caramelized apples

When it comes to pairing food and wine, your personal preferences are paramount. You can use guidelines and tasting notes included with your wine delivery in BC from Marquis Wine Cellars. Do you need help selecting a wine? Not a problem. Give us a call at 604-684-0445 or send an email to us at We'll be happy to share our wine knowledge with you anytime.