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Steel & Oak Necessarily Complicated Flat 4 Pack 473ml

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Double decoction, extra delicious.

Decoction is a traditional German method of making beer where, during the mash, a portion of the mash (grain and water mixture) is removed, boiled, and then returned to the main mash. It’s a very time consuming and overly complicated process that helps develop complex, yet subtle, malt character and depth.

We had never attempted a decoction at S&O, so who better to try it with than with our good friends at Dageraad. They’re no strangers to complicating things for incremental improvements. So, hand in hand, we (figuratively) jumped into the mash tun together.

We added salts to our clean BC water to mimic the minerality found in the water in Dortmund, helping the generous addition of noble hops stand out. Fermented with our house lager strain, it was then lagered for a necessarily long time (7 weeks) to make a crisp, clean, and subtly complex beer.