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Sheringham Rhubarb Gin Liqueur 750ml

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Brand new from Sheringham Distillery is their brand new product. It became a little of a rarity over Xmas as part of their mixed packs but now it’s out on its own. Super bright, acidic and rhubarb vegetative flavors balanced with a complex and citric London Dry style gin. Perfect with Fever-Tree Cucumber Tonic.

Alcohol - 25% / 50 proof

Color - Gorgeous deep pink

Nose - Gin forward, juniper, citrus and star anise first with rhubarb leaf notes in the back

Taste - Sweet vegetative rhubarb, still fresh and bright with amazing acidity then flowing through to citric and bright juniper London Dry style gin

Finish - Hint of residual sweetness in the very back palate, round sweet rhubarb with hints of gin notes

Best Enjoyed - With a flavored tonic, cucumber, mint