Resurrection Pale Rye 750ml

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Our Pale Rye is twice-distilled from 100% BC rye grain and has been short aged in 20L, medium-charred American oak casks.

The spirit is aged in the casks from anywhere between 4 - 12 months, until the perfect oak infusion is achieved.

While not a whiskey, as “whiskey” is defined in Canada as spirit aged in full-sized barrels for at least three years, it possesses the characteristics and flavours associated with Canadian whiskey.

Use it in your favourite Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Sour cocktail and enjoy the distinctly Canadian flavour of pure rye.

Subtle spice, caramel, and oak notes

Palate Toasted spice, vanilla, dry fruit, apple

Finish Signature rye spice, pepper and hint of bitter cherry