Powell & Dageraad Mystery Farmhouse Ale 1.5L

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When we found out that our friends at Powell Brewing and Dageraad Brewing had collaborated on a two-year bottle aged farmhouse ale, we said “Yes please!”.  We were even more excited to find out that they made a tiny number of magnums - which we have available for purchase at the shop.  Get some before they sell out, very limited!  Perfect for fall harvest parties or holiday gatherings.  


“Introducing a thrilling two-year collaboration between Powell Brewery and Dageraad Brewing; this farmhouse ale showcases the artistry of patience. It combines Pilsner malt, Spelt, and Triticale, expertly fermented with a blend of saison yeast, lactobacillus, and brettanomyces. As it rested for two years, it transformed into a captivating realm of flavours, where rustic, fruity, and tart notes elegantly intermingle. Each sip promises an exhilarating taste experience, a testament to the anticipation and craftsmanship that two years of conditioning have bestowed upon this remarkable ale.”

-- Powell Brewery