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House of Funk Apotheosis Tablebier 4 Pack 473ml

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Apotheosis: the highest point in the development of something, culmination or climax.

You may recognize this beer from when it was previously in bottles, but we loved it so much as a sessionable brew, we decided it was time to can it.

Apotheosis has been in the House of Funk rotation since day one when we brewed and dumped three batches before we found what we were looking for. Inspired by one of our favourite beers, we endeavoured to achieve a balance of low ABV, while maintaining our signature funk character.⁣

A tablebier, or small beer, Apotheosis was brewed with an heirloom Pilsner Malt and Wheat malt. Hopped delicately in the kettle and dry hopped with Saaz, fermented with a funky and dry house mixed culture. A small beer with big complexity and drinkability.