Dessert / Fortified / Sake

Lillet 750ml


This quintessential, brilliant gold aperitif from Bordeaux is the result of careful blending of three white grape varieties along with artisanal orange liqueur and a secret blend of fruit liqueur. Lillet has aromas of orange blossom, citrus fruits, fresh...

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Champagne Paul Bara Brut Reserve N/V 375ml


This is a half bottle - 375ml. A charming forward champagne, with a nose evocative of nectarine, plum and spice and then delicious flavours in the mouth which combine ripe fruity flavours, a very fine mousse and an elegant finely sculpted finish.

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Chateau de Beaulon Pineau Des Charentes 750ml


An unholy concoction made from 25% newly distilled cognac and 75% local grape juice, then oak aged for 5 years. It's remarkably fresh, with notes of boozy black cherry, blackcurrant and roses. It's the perfect harmony of mellowness with big fruity...

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