Daniel Dampt


Daniel Dampt retired as of May 2018 and has left the domaine in the care of his two sons, Vincent and Sébastien. With respect to the 2019 vintage, Vincent and Sébastien succinctly described it as a "more classic vintage than 2018 though one with lower yields. We had some frost risk in both April and May though the vines suffered no significant losses. It was enough though to disturb the flowering which, when coupled with the exceptionally hot and dry summer conditions, cost us some volume. There was no disease pressure to speak of though there were some sunburned berries which had to be eliminated. We chose to begin picking on the 11th of September and continued through to the 19th. The fruit was essentially spotless and quite ripe with good sugars with better acidities than we realized in 2018. Yields were in the 45 to 50 hl/ha with potential alcohols of 12.2 to 13%. There wasn't much malic acid so the pHs weren't much affected by the malos. The post-malo pHs were actually pretty good at around 3.2. As to the style of the 2019 vintage, probably the best comparison among more recent vintages is 2012."

- The Burghound