Daishichi - Junmai Kimoto Sake 720ml

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Product Description
Daishichi's Junmai Kimoto has achieved world renown as the definitive kimoto-brewed sake. Our master craftsmen spare no effort in creating this distinctive brew. Full maturation creates a perfect alignment of rich flavors and acidity, with a fresh, clean aftertaste. Enjoyed hot, it provides an embracing, soothing experience.
The Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper voted our Junmai Kimoto the finest sake to drink with Japanese cuisine. It was also selected by the leading gourmet monthly magazine dancyu as the best sake for drinking warm.

How to serve
Junmai Kimoto is best appreciated at room temperature, at around 15 degrees, or slightly warmer. If you prefer, it can also be gently heated. The hidden depths of this sake will complement any food, but particularly creamy dishes with a gentle richness.