Corporate Wine Gift

Marquis Wine Cellars has excellent corporate wine gift ideas for every occasion in the corporate environment. Whether it's a retirement, an employee recognition event, or anything else, Marquis Wine Cellars has the perfect corporate wine gift for your needs. Indeed, we take a headache out of corporate wine gift-giving. Let us take care of the customization and delivery for you.

At Marquis Wine Cellars, we understand corporate wine gifts. We have a large selection of products to choose from; something to match every taste, occasion, and budget. If you're not sure what you want to give, contact Leah Bickford for custom package design ideas:

Leah Bickford (604)-306-4222 or

Corporate Wine Gift Ideas

Marquis Wine Cellars will help you find the perfect corporate wine gift for any occasion. Here are some of the alternative corporate wine gifts we offer:

Gift cards: If you want to give a corporate wine gift but aren't sure what you should provide, you can always give a gift card. Gift cards are always appreciated because they let the receiver choose whatever they want as opposed to assuming and hoping you know what they like. Our gift cards are available in $25-$1,500 increments. Stop by Marquis Wine Cellars today or pay online for your gift cards. We'll even mail them to the receiver for you.

Zalto Glasses: Wine glasses make great corporate wine gift ideas. Our Zalto universal glasses, Burgundy glasses, Bordeaux glasses, champagne glasses, and other wine glasses, are attractive and great for showing texture. Our Zalto wine glasses are ideal for full-bodied, expressive wines, and for displaying character.

Corkscrews and Decanters: Marquis Wine Cellars carries quality corkscrews in a variety of colors. Our corkscrews are designed for all types of corks. We also sell corkscrew replacements. In addition to these great corporate wine gift ideas, we also sell wine caddies, wine bags, and accessories.

Corporate Wine Gift Occasions

Holidays are just some of the times when gift giving is appropriate in the corporate environment. Here are some typical examples of when it's appropriate to give corporate gifts:

Business gifts: Let your partners know you appreciate them with a bottle of wine from Marquis Wine Cellars.

Corporate awards gifts: Accomplishments should never go unnoticed. Let your workers know you recognize their success.

Executive gifts: Show your appreciation to the one who controls the direction of your company.

Retirement gifts: What better way to send someone off into the sunset than with a corporate wine gift?

Client gifts: Tell your most valued clients that you appreciate their business by giving a wine gift they're sure to cherish.

Conference gifts: A great way to set a positive tone and reach your conference goals is by giving conference gifts.

Employee/Employer gifts: Kissing up to the boss never hurt, and letting your employees know you value their work never hurt either.

Travel gifts: Send them on their way with a corporate wine gift to help their travels go a little smoother.

Marriage gifts: Someone in the office getting married soon? Give them a bottle of fine wine from Marquis Wine Cellars.