Albert Mann


This well-regarded domaine in Alsace, France is run by two brothers, Maurice and Jacky Barthelmé in the village of Wettolsheim, near Colmar. Maurice, who took over operations in 1984, is married to the grand-daughter of the late Albert Mann who gave his name to the domaine. It's not a huge operation: they have 19 hectares over 8 communes, but 5 of these hectares are in 5 different Grand Cru vineyards and a further 2 are in lieux-dits.

Albert Mann has developed a reputation as an excellent producer of Alsatian wines. These wines have a different approach than most locals, with sufficient sugar to provide a greater sense of balance, and produced the same way as their grandparents and great grandparents had made them ever since the family vineyard was established in 1654.

Handpicking, whole bunch pressing, and wild yeasts all help to let the terroir speak for itself. Fully organic and biodynamic since 1997, this small, family-owned business is run to respect nature to the utmost. The terracing in some of their vineyards is so steep that they have to plough unwanted weeds back into the soil using horses. It's backbreaking labour and everyone in the family takes lends a hand. As Maurice Barthelmé (vigneron) says: "We're all chiefs and indians, accountants, vignerons, packers and cleaners, just depends on the time of day". Maurice and Jacky were named Winemakers of the Year in 2012 by the Revue de Vin de France.